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using phone to order commissary for an inmate at Sequoyah county jail

Inmate Mail and Visitation

Video Visitation

City Tele Coin

Inmates have access to video visitation 7 days a week between the hours of 8:00 AM and 10:30 PM.

To register for a direct pay account visit

After your account has been created you can download the City Tele Coin app from iTunes or Google Play.

To video chat and send emails using the app or the City Tele Coin website, select the facility to set up a remote account for the inmate.

City Tele Coin Inmate Hotline (live operators) call (318) 746-1114


Inmate Phone Calls are managed through which allows inmates to call friends and loved ones.

To register for a direct pay account (prepaid) please call 318-746-1114 or visit online at CityTelecoin website.

Visitation Rules

Inmates may have visitors according to an established schedule as long as the inmate and his or her visitor comply with the following rules.

Visitors should report to the lobby to register for visitation.

Visitors must present a valid passport or government (US or state) issued picture identification.

Juveniles must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or custodian.

Juveniles will never be left unattended in visitation or the lobby.

Only one adult visitor is allowed at a time.

All visitors are required to turn over any unauthorized items for an inmate to the detention Officer assigned to visitation before being allowed to visit.

All money being left for an inmate must be done by means of the kiosk machine located in the jail lobby.

No food, beverages, purses, bags, cell phones, cameras, drugs, or weapons are permitted in the visitation area.

Proper attire is required for all visitors.

Visitors are subject to search.

It is a crime to come to the jail while in possession of a weapon, drug, or alcohol, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or to deliver weapons, drugs, alcohol, or any contraband, including tobacco.

Inmates only receive 15 minutes for each visitation. Visitors should leave promptly at the conclusion of the visit. They should exit through the jail lobby.

Any visitor who does not cooperate will not be allowed to visit.

Visits are subject to the good behavior of inmates. Any inmate who violates the rules may have the privilege of visitation revoked. Visitors should remember that if they cannot visit with an inmate because of a rule violation, it is the inmate's fault.

Inmate Mail Policy

Mail correspondence of a general nature will be opened and inspected by staff members for contraband and randomly read for information that may constitute a threat to the safety or security of the facility. An inmate will be notified of any censorship or seizure of mail correspondence citing specific reason(s) for such action. Incoming mail may be returned to sender, held in your personal property, or turned over to the District Attorney for criminal prosecution if:

Photographs must be received and retained by inmates under the following rules

All outgoing mail must have a return address of the Sequoyah County Jail which states the name if the inmate who is sending the mail.

Privileged mail correspondence with legal counsel, the courts, government agencies and elected officials will be sealed by the inmate (out-going) and opened only in the inmate's presence and inspected for contraband (incoming). Privileged mail correspondence will not be read or censored by staff members.

Writing supplies are available from the commissary. Supplies will be furnished free of charge to any inmate upon request if the inmate is declared indigent and will be issued every Friday. (Note: To be considered "indigent" your personal inmate account must show a balance of less than $15.00 for a period of thirty days prior to requesting postage and supplies.)

Receiving packages and other acceptable items is done during the inmate's normal mail distribution hours by an Inmate Relations Officer. Accepted packages may contain soft covered books from a publisher or bookstore. All packages will be thoroughly inspected for contraband and any attempts to receive or cause to have delivered any contraband items will result in the banding of the person delivering the contraband and possible criminal prosecution of all parties involved.

We will not accept any items in the mail that may be purchased from commissary. Your family may purchase stamps, paper, and envelopes through Tiger commissary and will be delivered with routine commissary deliveries. Any mail received that attempts to deliver these items will be returned to sender. It is your responsibility to advise your family and friends of this.

Mail Periodicals

Periodicals are not normally permitted for receipt by inmates due to the uncertainty of the amount of time you may be at our facility. Periodicals cannot be forwarded by this agency to a different location. If an inmate wishes to receive a periodical, he or she must submit an Inmate Request Form stating which periodical the inmate wishes to receive and obtain approval prior to order being placed.

Subscriptions must be paid for by the inmate's family or friends.

Since each issue of a periodical must be reviewed and all staples must be removed prior to being given to an inmate, the processing time for periodicals my be extended.

Mail Publications

Soft covered books may be purchased and sent direct from a publisher or bookstore. A limit of three (3) books, including puzzle books (purchased from our inmate commissary), may be in an inmate's possession at one time. Should more books be received, they will be placed with the inmate's property and may be swapped out.

All publications received will be opened and inspected for contraband to ensure the safe and secure operation of the facility.